Three Go-to Flooring Ideas for your Home

Garage Floors

If you're a "Do-it-yourselfer," you know that garage floors can take a beating. Oil leaks, salt stains, and any other spills can leave a permanent mark depending on the type of at-home maintenance that you do. These marks can go weeks without notice. You can mitigate future damaging foreign matter against concrete with an epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings will help to protect your concrete floor from further damage by acting as a barrier between the concrete and corosive those liquids. E2U’s One-Day Garage System Floor coating kits are readily available, easy to install and affordable. It's super simple, just like painting a wall, just picture painting the floor. Whether you're in a hot and dry climate or a cold and wet one, epoxies help deal with any scenario. Whether it's cracks or high moisture, you would want you floor to stay in mint condition and remain durable for a long time.

Deck and Patio

Our back yards are an example of an immediate personal getaway. Lounge chairs, grilling stations, and bonfire pits create an environment that our guests can relish in and relax. When you are considering upgrading your outdoor scenery, complimenting your exterior furnishings with an epoxy coated floor should be at the top of the list. New home additions and improvements gives your home more value with E2U's easy Flake Floor System.

Basement or recreation room

Basements are normally reserved for laundry, storage and maybe a small play or entertainment room for your kids. If you have these multi-purpose rooms in your house, they are also good candidates for E2U's Metallic Floor Systems. Imagine having a new floor that accents things like pool tables, entertainment systems, or office spaces. These various uses cater more towards the necessity of a scratch resistant surface, something that's easy to manage and clean. Not only would this improve the look and appeal of your property, it will also change the price of your property for resale. Like anything real estate presents, the new luminescent glow and shine of the epoxy coat when the light hits it just right adds value to the eyes of any potential buyer. Regardless if this is for the garage, your patio and deck, or your rec room/basement. Feel free to reach out to an E2U Sales Rep to hear about the options E2U has to offer.

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