Husqvarna PG540 220-240V 1PH 60 Hz US (Grinder)

The PG 540 (5.5 hp / 4.0 kW) is a powerful, compact and versatile planetary floor grinder perfect for smaller jobs. Available in both single phase and three phase. It combines a smart compact design for easy transportation with real work-horse performance and sheer grinding power. Thanks to the split-chassis design, the PG 540 fits in most standard cars. It’s easy to handle, tilt and operate with optional adjustable weights for extra grinding pressure. Suitable for all applications: floor prep, grinding and polishing. The PG 540 is the compact choice for the Husqvarna Superfloor™ concrete polishing system. To maximise reliability and reduce maintenance, the vital components of the PG 540 are protected against dust and slurry inside the hermetically sealed grinding head and electrical cabinet.

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