Why would I want to use E2U Flake Systems over other flooring systems?

  • Affordability: The E2U Flake System is actually cheaper than most decorative flake and stained floor systems. We’ve worked tirelessly formulating a system that is cost effective and that still contains the strength and durability for a long lasting floor system.

  • Easy Installation: Applying E2U Flake Systems is just plain simple. Just apply the E2U 6150 Epoxy, then distribute flakes while first coat is still wet, finally, apply our Poly 85 top-coat for a satin finish.
  • Amazing & Unique Results: E2U Flake Systems give the finished floor more dimension and depth than a concrete stain. Our Flake System will give your floors the “Wow!” factor that you always imagined.

  • E2U is the next generation of decorative resinous flooring! After years of research and installation in the field of resinous flooring, we are proud to offer our Flake System.

  • ***Outside of the Continental U.S. and Canada? We are now offering International Shipping to select countries. Please call 586-771-6500 for more details***

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