Quick Patch


E2U Quick Patch is a two-component, modified epoxy. It is the ideal product for patching concrete cracks, spalled areas, and small holes (<1”) after surface preparation has been completed. Our Quick Patch is formulated for smaller imperfections and surface cracks. For larger repairs and holes, use E2U 100% Solids Epoxy Repair Kit. Its extreme physical properties and high load-bearing strength makes E2U Quick Patch the ideal product for filling and patching prior to the application of all E2U systems. Our Quick Patch is specially formulated to dry in 60 minutes.

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E2U Quick Patch is ideal for repairs on small holes, imperfections, and cracks in concrete. The repair of active structural cracks cannot be guaranteed.
  • - Fast curing
  • - VOC compliant
  • - Essentially odorless
  • - Chemically resistant
  • - Non-slumping > 50 g/l
  • - 1:1 mix ration makes for easy application



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